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     Xinhe Shuixing Hydraulic Machinery Factory, the star of hydraulic machinery industry, is an integrated enterprise which combines R&D, manufacture, metal structure, cast, machining, heat treatment and final assembly as a whole. The number of existing employees is 486, and we have a full range of production equipment of over 360. Ever since from the last two decades, we have built close cooperation relationship with 15 domestic scientific research institutes, universities and colleges, and the hydraulic machinery products of “Shuixing” Brand manufactured by us sells well all over the country.

    Xinhe Shuixing Hydraulic Machinery Factory is known as a professional manufacturer regarding hoist and gate, and the leading products in our factory are hoist and gate.
Screw Hoist (also called Screw-type Hoist), Manual & Electric Hoist, Closed Hoist, Direct-connected Hoist, Cable-stayed Hoist, Single-point Lifting and Double-point Lifting Hoist, with various specifications and models, range from 0.5T, 3T, 5T, 8T to 200T.
    Cable Hoist, Platform Hoist, Mobile Hoist, Arc-gate Hoist, QPQ Cable Hoist, QPK Cable Hoist, QPT Cable Hoist, QHQ Cable Hoist, with Single-point Lifting and Double-point Lifting specifications and models, range from 5T to 250T.
    Gate: Cast Iron Gate, Cast Iron Inlaid Copper Gate (ZMQ), Cast Iron Inlaid Copper Circle Gate (ZMQY), Cast Iron Inlaid Copper Square Gate (ZMQF), Ductile Cast Iron Gate, Flashboard Gate, Cast Iron Compound Gate; Steel Gate, Steel-making Gate (PXM), Stainless Steel Gate (BQZM) and Cast Steel Gate are mainly used to protect environment and treat sewage.
    Shuixing series gates produced by our factory are safe in use, proper in structure, good in function with national standard on water seepage and are convenient in debugging and maintaining.

Water-stop Rubber and Expansion Joint Elastic Rubber Belt with various specifications 

    Plumbing pipe fittings (including the German standard, American standard, British standard, Korean standards in different countries such as pipe fittings), with shandong jinan mei DE casting company, tianjin TongBao pipe fittings co., LTD., and other cooperation, all of our products are exported to international markets. Now annual output of 50000 tons of pipe fittings, malleable iron pipe blank casting, rotary cultivator blade and farm machinery accessories and other products, ductile iron, cast iron castings such as auxiliary supporting production. We have advanced CNC lathe 10 units, developed by mould and advanced coated sand casting production technology, product surface is smooth, workpiece geometry size accurate, high yield and industrial production rate.To machine generations, reduce labor intensity, save time. Greatly reduces the production cost.

    Our enterprise sincerely cooperates with the new and old customers with high products quality, warm and thoughtful service and reasonable products price.

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